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Welcome Friends! Whether Lexi and friends are working on cars, hanging out at the beach, grilling tasty foods, or discovering something new and interesting, you're sure to find useful information and products while having fun. Join Lexi's Garage where we explore interesting stuff and cover a variety of fun topics on social media. Don't miss out on the fun! Connect with us on social media for the latest topics.

It's always a party at Lexi's Garage and you're invited! We're always celebrating customer birthdays with birthday surprises or giving away prizes to our club members, having giveaways, playing games, or sharing incredible deals. You can be a part of the fun by joining Lexi's Garage Club for FREE and following Lexi on social media.

Shop our online store for products and clothing featured on Lexi’s Garage videos. Just click the As Seen On Lexi's Garage link to find our video episodes or search products. You’ll find products for home and business as well as items for men, women and kids.

You'll find everything from casual apparel like comfy t-shirts to hardware and tools to get the job done. Shop our variety of products for hobbyists including aviation lovers, car lovers, home bakers and cooks, space lovers and stargazers, gardeners and more.

We ship nationwide as well as provide gift wrapping services. No matter your needs, when you buy from us, you can also be sure you'll be getting great customer service.

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